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Here are some brochures that document what we have delivered for our customers.  Please feel free to click on the ones of interest to you and download a PDF copy.  Please connect with us if you have any questions, we love to collaborate.

​​​Today's Facilites are growing more and more dependant on Smart Building Technologies for their performance.

​Fault Detection and Diagnostics, Enterprise Real Time Energy Management Systems are even more dependant on the accuracy and reliability of data from Building Technologies.

​Building Technology performance is dependant on the optimization of Technology Applications, Preventative Maintenance and Operational Use; and the effective use of Fault Detection & Diagnostics and Energy Management Best Practices.

Analytics for Action is our innovative proprietary process for continuous building technology performance improvement.  Our team capitalizes on our diverse experience of operating facilities and the use of data driven business improvement processes,

Analytics for Action leverages the increasing volume of building performance data into meaningful analysis that results in real building performance improvement through expert coaching and actionable instruction in three critical areas which drive the effectiveness of Building Technology.

Smart Building Infrastructure - The ability for Building Technology to collect and provide the resolution and timely data.  Our coaches advise our clients on how to best future proof, converge and leverage their Building Technology investments.

Technology Vendor Management - Regardless of how open technology is, its effectiveness and maintainability is dependant on the relationships and scopes of work of its vendors.  Our coaches are able to optimize vendor scope with your needs and requirements.

Operator Analytics & Action​ - Leveraging the data from your Building Technology into a prioritized list of pragmatic actions for your busy Operations Team focused on results.  Our coaches engage your team with positive feedback and build capacity in your team.. 

Your continuous monitoring and ongoing coaching ensure that building performance improvements are maintained and continually optimized with increasing capabilities of the building's technology, vendor partners and operating staff.