Our Collaborative approach to innovation

Through our founders unique experience in applying data driven continuous improvement processes best practices to the construction and real estate operations industry.  He has the strong belief that one of the significant barriers to better solution is the lack of integration in or the failure to integrate differing points of view for different industry stakeholders and silos of subject matter experts within the industry.

To this end, he has combined this set of best practice data driven tools, with a form and fold teams of experts in real estate areas such as building systems, operating and maintenance practices, data analysis and benchmarking, business process mapping green landscaping, commercial interior fit up, procurement and sustainability monetization.

These experts are not only recognized industry experts in their respective fields , but have also played different roles in developing and implementing sustainability and greening policies and projects for major Canadian financial, telecom, and energy corporations, Canadian provinces, and a number of North American cities to provide a 360 degree perspective of stakeholders.

We apply a disciplined approach to problem solving and continuous improvement by using evidentiary data driven analytics and systems thinking.  It is this approach of combining a disciplined data driven approach in collaboration with a team of experts that results in outstanding results for our clients.

Here are some brochures that document what we have delivered for our customers.  Please feel free to click on the ones of interest to you and download a PDF copy.  Please connect with us if you have any questions, we love to collaborate.