Building Performance demands are evolving

It is a fact. In today's climate of rising energy costs, economic and environmental uncertainty; demands for more responsible investment criteria, transparency and performance around sustainability and occupancy cost metrics has become the new norm. To meet this growing trend, real estate operators are being driven to monitor, manage and communicate a building’s performance in real-time throughout its life cycle. That is where we come in.

We are your workplace performance partners.

Whether you are the building owner, operator, tenant or investor, we have what it takes to deliver sustainable value that meets current and evolving demands for sustainable performance and transparency.

Our experts have the 360 degree experience.

To deliver lasting value that strengthens your competitive advantage—and evolves to meet changing needs—we partner with you to identify opportunities and customize solutions to advance your market leadership.

That's what we deliver to you.

Our multi-disciplined team of expert collaborators – investors, green building and sustainability specialists, building performance coaches, business process engineers, financial analysts, experienced business leaders and entrepreneurs - enables us to deliver value that hits the ground working every time. Our team of experts and our 360 degree approach can help.

Ecolibrium Strategies collaborates with you to achieve true sustainable business performance improvement.

Drawing from our cross functional team of leading industry experts, we use the power of data to drive decisions and optimize your business processes and systems for the future. 

Our professionals have the advantage of a 360 degree view of business enterprises with deep and diverse roles and deep experience within the Real Estate Industry.

 Our team are experienced experts in the application of data driven decision making, disciplined continuous optimization, and game changing innovation through 360 degree collaboration.



  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Field Performance Audit
  • Ongoing Commissioning



  • Sustainability Strategy
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Innovation & Culture


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